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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

how much does carpet cleaning cost

This is a question that is often asked by many, and the simple answer is the cost of carpet cleaning varies from company to company. Like with many things with day to day life, if you shop around and speak to friends and family you’ll often find a cheaper deal elsewhere.

It doesn’t mean to say that finding the cheapest carpet cleaning deal is always the best deal. Yes, EasyClean Solutions prides itself on being one of the cheapest around. However, we do have 300 reviews across the web and social media to certify our work ethic.

There are many reasons as to why you should shop around and why you should speak to friends and family first before selecting Google’s first search result.

Carpet cleaning, if not done correctly, can be costly and time-consuming. There are a select few things you should check before making a booking with a company

  • Insurance – is the company you’re about to hire insured and do they have public liability? Don’t be afraid to ask to see copies any genuine company should have this to hand to show Customers when asked.
  • Reviews – A well-established business will have a history of reviews they may not have a 5* Rating but it’s hard to please everyone in today’s society.
  • Training – Ensure the company you’re about to use is trained in what they do, again just like with the insurance documents a reputable company would be happy to provide proof of these.

Carpet cleaning costs vary depending on company

On average it costs anything from £130 up to £200 to have a regular-sized 2 bedroom house professionally carpet cleaned. The cost varies depending on who you use. If you are heading towards a franchise company you can almost guarantee that their carpet cleaning prices will inevitably be much more expensive in comparison to a sole trader.

The reason for this is franchised carpet cleaning companies have big overhead costs such as line rental, business rates (if they have an office), staff costs and all of the other costs that come into running a franchise.

With EasyClean Solutions in Gosport, since our establishment back in April 2019, we’ve not increased our prices. We believe in giving each of our customers a fair price. Just before Christmas 2019, we visited a lady who wanted her front-room carpet cleaned which was no bigger than a standard front room (4x3m).

She was quoted just shy of £160, at a time when we all struggle a little bit financially, we found that she had been extremely over quoted. The customer was completely shocked at our price of £35. She was so pleased that she had saved over £100 just by asking a friend on Facebook who to use.

You’ll see when reading through our reviews customers have mentioned how much money we’ve managed to save them after they’ve received extremely high quotes.

Companies have different ways of charging. Some charge per square metre in comparison to others like ourselves who charge per room. Be careful when looking at quotes, if you’re being charged per square metre but don’t want your furniture to be moved you may risk being overcharged.

Things To Watch Out For

As with everything in life, unfortunately, there are rogue carpet cleaning companies, but there are ways in which you can identify these such as:

  • Bait & Switch – Bait and switch methods are unfortunately becoming more and more popular by the years. It first starts with a company giving you a price which seems amazing, often or not too good to be true. Then completing half of the task at hand when they encounter a problem then implying to the customer it will cost more to sort this problem.
  • DIY & Hiring – Hiring out machinery from your local supermarket, used by hundreds and cleaned and maintained by none. Probably the biggest danger of them all when it comes to the appropriate care for your household carpets.

To find out more about both of these topics we’ve put together a blog on the reasons as to why you should have your carpets professionally cleaned and what to watch out for.


To summarise this topic the price of carpet cleaning can vary from company to company but if the price often seems too good to be true then it probably is.

Don’t trust a Facebook group post until you’ve fully researched into the company and if you’re not entirely certain ask your friends or family if they’ve had there carpets cleaned and who they used.

EasyClean Solutions has built a reputable company and we’re happy to provide you with a free no-obligation quote which will be highly competitive for any company to match and we have an incredible amount of 5* Reviews.


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