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Office Carpet Cleaning by Professionals

At EasyClean Solutions we are pleased to offer professional carpet cleaning services to commercial offices.

What's involved in our commercial and industrial carpet cleaning service?

We offer a wide range of office carpet and upholstery cleaning services. We will leave your commercial carpets clean and sanitised along with bespoke look for all of your clients and staff to enjoy.

Stain Removal

Whether your carpet has been affected by dirty shoes, chewing gum, food stains we have you covered. Our intensive cleaning procedure can eliminate some of the toughest stains known to man! To find out more about our carpet cleaning and how we can improve your office carpet contact us today.

Please note: We don’t recommend calling us out just to tackle a few stains and not using our full office carpet cleaning service. The reason for this is simple; if we tackle only the stains but not the entire floor you will be left with clean patches throughout, often making it look worse than before.

Hot Water Extraction

When it comes to carpet cleaning machinery we only use the best, up-to-date equipment with extremely powerful pumps and vacuums. We choose to use hot water extraction for our carpet cleaning service instead of steam cleaning for many of reasons. Our main reason being the overall outcome and cleanliness of the carpet. We find we provide a much superior service with Hot water extraction as supposed to steam cleaning. Our cleaning services are thorough and all of our carpet cleaners are fully equipped with the best technology.

Upholstery Cleaning

We also offer a wide range of upholstery cleaning, whether it be for your clients seating area or even your staff, we are here to help. Using our cleaning techniques we are able to remove stubborn stains along with nasty odours to give your workplace a more appealing look and feel.

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Why have your office carpets professionally cleaned?

When it comes to office appearance there are 3 reasons as to why you need to ensure your office carpets are at their peak cleanliness:

Impress Clients

Depending on what sector you’re in whether it be industrial, business to business, or business to consumer, you may have clients entering your commercial office or building. We all know how important first impressions are and you need to set a high standard to represent your work ethic, cleaning your carpets is one way to achieve this.

Stop Bacteria

Cleaning your office can help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria which can often lead to cold and flu. As you are probably aware when one person in the office becomes sick it can quickly spread from one employee to the next.

Maintain Condition

Cleaning the carpets in your office on a regular basis can lead to less costs in the future. Commercial carpet can be costly and having your office carpets cleaned regularly can extend their life.

Professional Commercial Office Cleaning Quote

EasyClean Solutions will be able to save you the time, money and lots of calls and headaches. To get a free no obligation carpet cleaning quote, contact us today. We will arrange for our specialist commercial carpet cleaner to visit your office and provide you with a competitive price, which other carpet cleaning companies can’t compete with. We are experts when it comes to professional cleaning and all of our carpet cleaners are complete with the best equipment, chemicals and training.
good first impressions from clean office carpet

From a handshake to a business deal

From a young age we are all taught that we only get one first impression and that first impression can last a lifetime! It’s a well known fact that people form an opinion in just under 60 seconds. That’s why its important to be at our best 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Your overall condition of your office is a reflection on what your work ethic is like along with your expectations of staff having a clean and tidy workplace. This will often set a positive first impression and leave a good impact on your client.

Stop the spread of germs and bacteria

We can all appreciate just how frustrating it is having a cold or flu and being tucked up in bed all day, but it’s not just the person on sick leave that is affected. Having someone off work ill in a sales environment at short notice could lead to others having to work twice as hard in the office to make up for the loss. Worse yet it might be that you cant fulfil what the client is asking off you causing them to potentially withdraw from using your company.

When a flu becomes airborne the carpet acts like a filter capturing all of the bacteria and holing onto it when your clients, staff or guests walk on the carpet and disturb the bacteria it becomes airborne again causing others to become infected leading to more people off work. Help your business save money in the long run by having your carpets cleaned.

Save Money

We’re yet to find someone who doesn’t enjoy saving some money whether that be on the shopping bill, your gym membership or even your phone bill – people love it! But what if we told you we could save your company up to £10,000?

You’re probably thinking – how could we do that? The answer is simple, commercial carpet is one of the most expensive types of carpet, often because of its complexity and reliability. Having your carpets cleaned can often double or treble their lifetime.

Office Carpet Cleaning in London

We offer professional office carpet cleaning in London along with many other services and areas. London is our main area of focus as we are well aware of the growth of London itself and the amount of commercial properties it has to offer. Our carpet cleaning services in London can certainly help to not only improve the look of your office carpet but also the feel and make those all important first impressions count. All of our carpet cleaners are fully trained and have a wide range of chemicals to tackle the toughest of stains to ensure we offer only the best in professional cleaning.

Office Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Our top rated carpet cleaners are here to answer any questions you may have in regards to all types of commercial carpet cleaning.

Commercial carpet cleaning in a nutshell is any carpet cleaning of a commercial premises for example, Offices, Boardrooms, Restaurants, Pubs and many more. We cover many areas across the South from Portsmouth right up to London. We also have a wide range of Cleaning Services available ranging from Upholstery Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Steam Cleaning.

Our carpet cleaning equipment works like any other carpet cleaners equipment, we use something called a hot water extraction method. Forget the complex name. Hot water extraction is simply an injection of hot water in to the carpet pile under extremely high pressure. It works by shooting streams of hot water and detergent deep in to the piles of a carpet with force. This helps dislodge any stains, remove dust and dirt and clean deep within the fibres of your carpet.

There are many ways in which to clean a carpet we have invested a lot of time, and money into equipment and carpet cleaning training in order to fulfil all of our clients needs. the way in which we clean your carpets are as followed:

  • On Arrival to the premises we carry out a thorough inspection to locate any stubborn stains on the carpet from food, drinks and general dirtiness from shoes.
  • Once the stains have been identified we apply a pre spraying agent to break down the dirt molecules and dislodge any grease deep within the carpet. We allow this to set in for around 15 minutes.
  • Once the pre spraying agent has finished its job, we start the carpet clean the carpets using our professional carpet cleaner.
  • Finally once the carpet has been cleaned we re clean the carpet using a deodoriser to remove any stubborn odours.

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The products we use are not eco-friendly however they are child/pet safe. We have spent numerous time and money investing into all types of chemicals and seeing which chemical in particular performs the best and gives out the best results. From testing we have seen that the eco-friendly products don’t quite keep up with those that aren’t.

The cost for commercial carpet cleaning really depends on the size of your office. We charge an all time low of £1.60 per square meter which is cheaper the other carpet cleaners in the area. If of course there is more then one room or one premises that requires cleaning then we can offer a bulk discount.

For accurate results the best way to get a quote is to call us and we can arrange for one of our technicians to come to your place of work and quote it free of charge. Be sure to check when speaking with other carpet cleaners if they charge per square foot or per square meter to get best value for money.

Yes, we ask that all our clients give us a helping hand by removing the little things to make things easier below we have listed what we ask for each business premises.

  • Offices – To remove all bags/personal belongings off the floor.
  • Pubs – Remove all stools from the bar unless upholstery is to be cleaned too.
  • Restaurants – To place all chairs onto the tables to give us a clear work space.

Please Note: If for any reason any of these are not going to be possible to carry out all we ask is that you let us know on inspection, we know after quoting how long a job will take for us to complete and having extra tasks on the day could lead to appointments having to be cancelled and re scheduled.

We can not guarantee to remove every last stain. Unfortunately, some stains permanently damage the carpet fibres and no amount of cleaning can reverse this.

We aim to have all commercial customers booked in ASAP at a time that suits you.

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