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Is it worth getting your carpets professionally cleaned?

why have your carpets professionally cleaned

Should you have your carpets professionally cleaned?

Yes, without a doubt having your carpets professionally cleaned can have a massive impact on the look of your house, the cleanliness of your house and help to eliminate bacteria such as E-Coli, Salmonella and many others.

Homeowners don’t know enough about carpets to understand the risks associated with them if they’re not kept up to standard and cleaned on a 6 monthly basis. Often or not homeowners think that with them asking guests to remove their shoes and hoovering daily there simply is no reason for them to have them cleaned. This is where your wrong dirt and bacteria don’t just enter your home from your shoes, both dirt and bacteria can come from your clothing, hands, skin and much more.

Think of it like a cold. When one person becomes ill in the household it spreads and others often become ill in the process no matter how careful you are with hygiene it cannot be prevented. This is the same with the dirt in the bacteria if you walk from one room to the other the bacteria and dirt quickly spreads and travels around your home.

pros of professional carpet cleaning

What are the pros of professional carpet cleaning?

There are many reasons as to why you should empty your rooms at least twice a year and call in the professionals to help,

Maintaining The Look

We recommend to have your carpets cleaned at a minimum of every 6 months, the reason for this is it takes around 6 months for you to start noticing Spots, Marks, and what we call (Traffic Lanes) areas of high traffic where you walk the most, if the soiling and bacteria is left for too long it can often work it’s way into the fibre making it near on impossible to remove no matter what equipment or chemicals you have.

Health Benefits

Think of your carpets as a filter. Carpets trap a lot of bacteria, dust, pollen and a range of other nasty things that are in the air. One of the most common things found in carpets are dust mites. These can have a detrimental effect on those who suffer from Asthma. When the dust settles and you walk onto the carpet you disturb the molecules, making it air bound. Regularly hoovering the carpet will help but it won’t fully cure the problem.


Most of all cleaning your carpets on a regular 6-month basis is the best way to ensure you get the most use out of them and not facing a new carpet installation every 5 years it’s a proven fact that a carpet can last 15-20 years as a minimum of well maintained. If you put off having your carpets cleaned the chance of Traffic lanes, stains and general wear and tear showing are doubled and the odds are you’ll be calling out your local carpet company before the warranty expires!

What are the cons of having my carpets cleaned?

There aren’t really any reasons as to why you shouldn’t have your carpets cleaned regularly, it’s more about the things to watch out for before and during them being cleaned.

Bait & Switch

Often or not companies use something called a bait and switch method. WATCH OUT this can be damaging to both your carpets and your bank account. You’ve heard the saying it sounds too good to be true, this goes a long way. Carpet cleaning companies will say that their price per room is the cheapest at only £15! But what they don’t tell you is all the extras that need to come with that, a pre-clean, stain removal, chemical testing, spot treatment…. And the list goes on! Before you know the cost is at £55 a room, you feel trapped and inclined to say yes!

DIY & Hiring

Perhaps the biggest danger of them all, hiring out a carpet cleaning machine from your local hire store and cleaning the carpets yourself. DO NOT DO IT! Often the machines that are hired out simply are not powerful enough to clean your carpets. They either have not enough pressure or not enough suction power. Both can leave your carpets in a bad way.

Not enough pressure can mean your not cleaning deep enough into the pile and leaving behind a load of dirt and bacteria, which again will spread throughout your house and more than likely cause more problems. You will end up cleaning them 3-4 times a year as supposed to needing them down twice.

Not enough suction power can mean your carpets can often stay damp for longer periods. In comparison to the use of professional equipment. This can cause your carpets or upholstery to become a home for bacteria by having a warm and damp area. This can also leave you open to having mould spread underneath your carpets which could lead to health problems.

How much does professional carpet cleaning cost?

So just how much should you be looking to spend on a professional carpet cleaning service? The price from company to company can vary.  A typical 2 bedroom house consisting of 2 Bedrooms, 1 Staircase, 1 Landing, 1 Hallway and 2 Reception rooms can cost £115 up-to £160,  depending on who and where you go to have them cleaned.

No doubt having your carpets cleaned every 6 months is a good idea and it’s the best way to maintain a healthier and cleaner household. Just be sure to find out from the professional that you are hiring whether or not there are any hidden charges, so that you can find an appropriate service before you end up paying way over the odds.


Should I have my carpets cleaned? – Yes, it will have a massive effect on both the look and feel of your home.

How often should I have them cleaned? – As a rule of thumb, every 6 months is an ideal timescale to have them cleaned and will increase the life and keep them looking new.

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