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Our Equipment & Methods

We use the latest carpet cleaning technology

We use the latest equipment when it comes to carpet cleaning. It’s one of the reasons that we are becoming one of the top rated local carpet cleaners! We are currently cleaning with a custom built Airflex Storm. This machine is capable of up to 800 PSI (400 PSI more than our competitors) and is capable of delivering superior cleaning results. This is more than powerful enough to tackle stubborn carpet stains and remove the toughest grime. So you will have peace of mind in our service!

Our carpet cleaning methods

easy clean machine

Forget the complex name. Hot water extraction is simply an injection of hot water in to the carpet pile under extremely high pressure. It works by shooting streams of hot water and detergent deep in to the piles of a carpet with force. This helps dislodge any stains, remove dust and dirt and clean deep within the fibres of your carpet.

Most people confuse Hot Water Extraction with steam cleaning. Hot Water Extraction emits steam due to the hot water and pressure produced during cleaning, but it is different from steam cleaning. Steam cleaning depends on steam to remove the stain, Hot Water Extraction uses warm water.

Our Method Of Cleaning

Pre Treat

Pre-treating is really what it says on the tin. A thorough inspection of the carpet to identify what stains are around and what chemical will be suitable for the problem we face, once identified we apply the chemical with a pressurised sprayer and leave this to dwell to do its job.


The agitation process is the most important stage, this is where our machine with 2 stiff rotary brushes turns the carpet pile up and pushes the chemical deep into the carpet pile. By doing this we stand a much greater chance of removing more soiling from deep within the carpet pile.


Once the other two stages have been completed and the chemical has had time to do its job (approximately 20 minutes) the final stage is ready to go. Extraction is simply removing the chemical from the carpet using a rinsing agent.

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