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Car Interior Cleaning in Hampshire

Cleaning Car Interiors Across Hampshire

Having a clean car can often make you feel proud in yourself, especially if you’re a car enthusiast! At EasyClean Solutions we have learnt the precise techniques and have the correct chemicals in order to bring your car seats and interior back to life.

As one of Hampshire’s most affordable cleaning companies, we specialise in deep cleaning all types of cars. Whether it’s accessing those hard to reach areas where little fingers have been wiped or deep cleaning coffee stained seats, we help to maintain private and lease owned cars. We can also ensure that your car looks as good as new, when buying and selling vehicles.

Fabric Seats

Having cloth on your car seats can often show more dirt as opposed to leather or suede, but don’t be fooled or put off by this, as these fabrics are easily treatable and can be brought right back to factory condition.

Leather/Suede Seats

Having a leather interior is of course more comfortable, however it inevitably becomes tired, worn or cracked over time. Our specialist team is here to help no matter what the cause or problem may be.

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Our Process for Cleaning Car Upholstery

Step 1: Identifying

We locate any stains or stubborn marks that may be in your car and apply a pre spotting application to disturb the dirt molecules and loosen them from the fibres. This makes them easier to remove upon extraction.

Step 2: Manual Agitation & Drill Agitation (If required)

Once all stubborn stains have been located and the chemical agent has been applied, we then agitate the dirt molecules by applying a specialist upholstery brush to the affected area. This helps to lift the dirt as well as breaking it down. If we cannot remove the dirt manually, then we have a range of drill brushes available with different variations from soft to hard, to give us a helping hand in removing the stains.

Skip to step 4 for all leather seats!

Step 3: Extraction and rinse

The last procedure of the service is to remove all of the dirt using a hot water extraction method. By forcing hot water mixed with a chemical agent at high pressure into the car seat, helps to kill bacteria and other harmful substances whilst fully removing all dirt and grime within the seats.

Step 4: Apply Cleaner

We apply leather cleaner to all of the seats using a micro fibre cloth. We then gently rub it into the leather, removing the top layer of dirt and grease. We then allow the seats to dry before repeating the process again.

Step 5: Re-Conditioning

A bit like the leather cleaning stage, we apply a conditioner to the leather to restore the moisture back into it. Please remember all leather needs this upon completion of the clean as failure to do so can result in dry/cracking leather.

Car Interior Cleaning Prices in Hampshire

Leather Price
2 Seats £40
3 Seats £45
Full Car £65
MPV £75
Van £30
Cloth Price
2 Seats £25
3 Seats £35
Full Car £50
MPV £60
Van £30
If you would like to add on any extras such as mats, boot lining or flooring then these can be carried out at an additional cost of £5 per item.

Why choose EasyClean over other companies?

EasyClean Solutions was founded in 2018 and has gained a reputation for providing customers with a fantastic bespoke service from start to finish. But don’t just take our word for it – check out our 5* customer reviews (over 150 to be precise) and hear what our loyal and satisfied customers have to say.

So confident are we in our service and the results you receive that we offer a money back guarantee. Therefore, if you are not 100% happy we will come back for free or provide a full refund on request.

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