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Can Carpet Cleaning Remove the Smell of Cigarette Smoke?

can carpet cleaning get rid of cigarette smoke smell

Tobacco smoking was a popular habit throughout the 20th century and is still enjoyed by many. Some negative drawbacks that come with smoking are the interior stains that can build up over time. With this in mind, can carpet cleaning remove the smell of cigarette smoke?

Carpets and rugs are made of fibres that can soak in and hold onto to many smells that accumulate in the atmosphere over time, including cigarette smoke. Carpet cleaning is one proven method that can get rid of the smell of cigarettes.

In this blog entry, we will explore how cigarette smoke can stain the carpet and cause a build-up of unattractive smells over time. Read on to discover more about how carpet cleaning can remove this unpleasant odour from your carpets.

How Do I Get Cigarette Smell Out of My Carpet?

Cigarette smoke is very thick and filled with chemicals and a sticky, brown substance known as tar. A few stray cigarettes smoked indoors will not cause much accumulation of tar and residue, but if you or a fellow household member consistently smokes indoors for months or years at a time, the brown-colored stains and stale odors will accumulate heavily on carpets, furniture, and even walls.

Smoking is a habit, and consenting adults are free to indulge in cigarettes as they wish, but there is no denying that the smell emitting from cigarette smoke is unpleasant. This smell is easily transferred to carpets because carpets are made of fibers that freely absorb particles and smells from the surrounding environment.

Vacuuming alone will help to remove particles, but the smell of cigarette smoke that has become embedded within the fibers of a carpet cannot be so easily sucked up. To completely remove the smell of stale cigarette smoke, you will need to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Will Steam Cleaning Remove Cigarette Smell?

One great way to remove the smell of cigarette smoke from carpets that avoids a heavy reliance on chemicals is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning uses powerful and hot steam to extract dirt and grime and sanitize a carpet at the same time.

Since steam cleaning needs to be powerful to work properly, you will likely not get good results if you use a regular, handheld steam cleaner. The stronger the equipment and the higher the temperature, the better the results will be when it comes to removing lingering odors such as cigarette smoke.

For overall better results, carpet cleaning with mild chemicals may be the best bet if you are strictly fighting against the smell of cigarette smoke as opposed to stains. Chemicals can help to mask smells while also providing a deep clean to the fibers of the carpet.

Will Cigarette Smoke Permanently Stain My Carpet?

As previously mentioned, cigarette smoke contains thousands of harsh chemicals as well as tar. The tar is the primary culprit when it comes to staining on carpet.

Even if you were to quit smoking, the particles, tar, and chemicals that can be left behind on a rug can continue to recycle throughout the air unless you have your carpets professionally cleaned. The good news is that even the sticky tar that accumulates on the carpet from cigarette smoke can be removed if you use a professional carpet cleaning service that is guaranteed to provide results.

Removing stains from cigarette smoke can be difficult; the tar can actively work to discolor the carpet in addition to causing tough stains to remove. Therefore, it is important to hire a service that can not only get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke but can also remove the stubborn stains that tobacco smoke can leave behind on the carpet.

If you actively smoke, you should aim to have your carpets cleaned every 6 months.

What Gets Rid of the Smell of Cigarette Smoke?

The best method to avoid having cigarette smoke stain and cause your carpets to stink is to avoid smoking indoors. There is really no way to avoid cigarette smoke from staining carpet over time and causing the fabric to smell like stale smoke.

Simply step outside the door when you want to have a cigarette or, be near an open window to properly ventilate the smoke. Bi-annual carpet cleaning will remedy the problem, but do not just rely on air fresheners or vacuuming to remove the smoke; it will take more deep cleaning than that alone.

You can choose to have your carpets steam cleaned, utilize hot water extraction, or just have a regular cleaning service with mild chemicals. The bottom line: if you choose to continue to smoke indoors, you must have your carpets professionally cleaned in order to avoid having your carpet smell like cigarette smoke.


In summary, carpet cleaning can get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke. Once a year may not be enough if you want to avoid having the smoke settle deep into the fibers of your carpet; twice a year is recommended.

Smoking outside is a great alternative to prevent smoke smells from settling into your carpet as well. Any style of professional carpet cleaning should work, but avoid trying to take on the task yourself because cigarette smoke is a powerful smell to get rid of. Contact us today to learn how we can have your carpets smelling fresh again in no time.

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