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How To Remove Pet Urine Smells from Carpets?

how to remove dog and cat urine from carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tips to Remove Pet and Dog Urine Odours

Pet and urine odours are some of the worst smells you can ever get when you have carpet and pets inside of your home. Pets are an indispensable part of a home but accidents sometimes happen, and the steps to remove these harsh odours need to be followed to the letter.

The strongest pet odour when it comes to carpet is urine. To remove old dog urine smells from the carpet, use paper towels, or an old cloth and pat the spot dry and soak up as much of the dog urine as possible. Carpet cleaning can help to eliminate the odour and sanitise the carpet.

In this article, we explore some valuable tips to remember when it comes to removing pet urine odours from your carpet, including old dog urine smells.

Soak Up the Pet Urine In The Carpet

If you are dealing with a urine spot, it is important to do everything you can to remove as much of the waste as possible. If the urine is allowed to soak into the carpet, the fibers of the carpet will permanently absorb the smell, which will help to keep the smell in the area until a thorough cleaning is given to the carpet.

Be sure to wear gloves and use a wad of paper towels or an old washcloth for this task. Start by placing the towels on top of the spot and push the towel into the waste. Absorb as much of the waste as possible until there is only a faint trace of damp area left on the carpet.

Avoid Using Household Cleaners

Pet urine contains acidic and harsh chemicals that can create an even worse smelling mess if this is combined with the chemicals in household cleaners, including carpet cleaners. By immediately applying a store-bought cleaner to the urine and vigorously scrubbing the liquid will cause the chemicals of the cleaner to collide with the potent enzymes of the urine and damage the delicate fibres of the carpet.

This is because the fibers are having to react to two corrosive elements at the same time. Therefore, skip using any chemicals at this point until you can absorb as much of the waste as possible and neutralize the smell.

Use Baking Soda

You are probably familiar with baking soda’s ability to neutralise odours when it comes to your refrigerator or pantry, and the same thing applies to virtually any type of odour. Once you have absorbed as much of the urine as possible, it is a good idea to sprinkle some baking soda over the stain.

This will absorb as much of the nasty odour as possible. Allow the baking soda to sit on the soiled spot of carpet overnight or about 12 hours.

After that, you can vacuum up the baking soda and this will also release some of the accumulated smell as well.

Never Skimp When It Comes to Vacuuming

Pet hair is also a big nuisance when it comes to unpleasant pet odours on the carpet. Even if you bathe your dog or cat regularly, pet hair can emit distinctive odours that can cause the entire room to smell like your pet, therefore, it is important to eliminate this from occurring.

If you have a pet, you should vacuum at least once a week, preferably more often to keep your carpet free of hair and dander. Be sure to vacuum your furniture as well as behind and underneath for pet hair.

How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help with Dog and Cat Urine

Carpet cleaning is always the best course of action to consider since the powerful equipment and steam cleaning technology can address not only the odour but also the potential stain left behind from pet urine.

The typical course of action that many people take when a pet urinates on the carpet is to do everything they can to eliminate the odour and get rid of the urine. Store-bought cleaners are usually formulated to prioritise pleasant scents over deep-cleaning action, which is going to make the smell much, much worse when trying to clean urine.

Perfumes and scents will be canceled out by the overwhelming smell of the urine or worse, will mix with the urine to produce a smell that is usually incredibly worse than the urine alone! The only true way you are going to get rid of this smell is to completely wash away the compounds that are causing the smell in the first place.

If the remnants of urine are allowed to dry into the carpet, professional carpet cleaning can then effectively wash away the remnants completely from the carpet. It is still important to soak up as much of the urine as you can though.

Steam cleaning uses a method of hot water extraction at incredibly high temperatures that will clean, thoroughly sanitise the area, and completely neutralise any lingering odour left over from the spot.

The trick to cleaning up urine is not to fight smell with perfumes and scents but to clean the urine up completely and then sanitise the area to return the rug or carpet back to its previous condition.

We Can Help With Dog and Cat Urine Smells in Carpet

At EasyClean Solutions, we have been helping the Hampshire and West Sussex areas with their carpet cleaning needs by using only the most effective and proven treatments and procedures at affordable rates.

We realise that pet odours are incredibly unpleasant, which is why we also provide knowledgeable and understanding customer service to listen to your needs and target our approach to what will completely eliminate the problem.

Following all of the above tips will help to neutralise these smells, yet you will need a strong and effective cleaning service to restore your carpet to its original state. We make it our goal to never leave a job until your carpet is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

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