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Can Carpet Cleaning Make You Sick?

can carpet cleaning make you sick

Carpet cleaning is a very important service that can remove bacteria and germs from dirty carpet for a more healthy home environment. But can the cleaning process used for carpets itself or the chemicals used in carpet cleaning actually make you sick?

Carpet cleaning is a very safe process that uses sanitation and hot water to extract dirt and grime from carpets and sterilise the carpet in the process. Carpet cleaning chemicals should not be directly inhaled but are generally safe with minimal exposure.

You can rest assured that carpet cleaning is not a process that you need to worry about. This article will explore possible health hazards related to dirty carpets and what you can expect from the chemicals used during the process.

Can Dirty Carpets Make You Sick?

Take a moment to think about a dirty carpet: bacteria, dirt, food, germs by the thousands, dirty carpets that are consistently left to stay dirty can become a health hazard. It is important to have a clean carpet for aesthetic and presentation purposes, but the removal of harmful irritants is also very important for your overall health.

If a carpet is left unclean for too long, the carpet can begin to harbour harmful irritants to your lungs that can even cause difficulty in breathing. Your carpet is a sign of decorative pride in your home–but the fabric is able to collect a large number of particles and pathogens that can easily live on the surface.

For individuals with asthma and allergies, a consistently dirty carpet can aggravate these conditions greatly. Therefore, having your carpets regularly cleaned (at least twice per year) is essential to avoid becoming sick.

Vacuuming is important, but a carpet also needs to be sterilised occasionally to ensure your home is as germ-free as possible, in addition to restoring the new and fresh look to the carpet.

Are Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Safe?

Also of concern to homeowners is the possibility of carpet cleaning chemicals contributing to ill health. Thankfully, the chemicals that are used in carpet cleaning do not pose any immediate risk to homeowners.

All of the chemicals here at Easy Clean Solutions are completely safe to both humans and pets, which is an important factor to consider when you are deciding upon a carpet cleaning company. Harmful chemicals like naphthalene and various ethanol-based cleaners can irritate the lungs, which is why we primarily use hot water extraction as our primary cleaning method.

Mild chemicals should always be prioritised when it comes to carpet cleaning to reduce the possibility of transferring potentially hazardous chemical fumes on to homeowners or pets. If you ever come across a company that uses harsh chemicals in the carpet cleaning process, this should be avoided if you or family members or pets will be coming into close contact with the carpet.

Additionally, some carpet cleaning chemicals can also go as far as causing liver and kidney damage as well as potentially life-threatening respiratory issues. Therefore, there are some carpet cleaning chemicals on the market that should be avoided at all costs.

Stay away from any chemicals that are alcohol-based, and always go for natural alternatives. Steam cleaning and hot water extraction are highly sanitary and safe methods to consider when it comes to carpet cleaning due to a minimal amount of chemicals used in the process.

Can You Get Sick from Wet Carpet?

Carpet cleaning chemicals are not the only concern when it comes to the carpet cleaning process; wet carpet can also be a cause for concern as well. If your carpet is not dried to the best extent possible after a carpet cleaning session, the possibility of mild, mildew and a wide range of bacterias growing on the carpet is possible.

Mould and mildew can grow very quickly, especially in areas where mould and mildew are common in the surrounding atmosphere. The wetter and more humid an indoor environment is, the higher the possibility for mould and mildew to grow becomes; quick drying is the best method.

Even carpet cleaning services that advertise drying times of 24 hours may not be enough to save your carpet from the possibility of mould and mildew. We can ensure that your carpet will dry within 1-2 hours after the cleaning process is finished.

The quicker your carpet dries, the less of a chance that the carpet can become to foster bacteria. Apart from mould, mildew, and bacteria, walking across a wet carpet can be a fairly unpleasant experience, and can even lead to colds if you have no choice but to walk across the carpet due to excessively long drying times.

In summary, a wet carpet can definitely make you sick. Always go with a company that can ensure quick drying times.


In conclusion, yes, carpet cleaning can make you sick if the process is not done correctly and the chemicals used are abrasive. Easy Clean Solutions prioritises the latest technology in hot water extraction to limit the amount of chemicals used in the carpet cleaning process.

Additionally, a wet carpet can also be cause for concerns. We ensure that your carpet will be dry within 1-2 hours after the cleaning process. Contact us today for a consultation for all of your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.

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