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Can Carpet Cleaning Remove Dog and Cat Urine?

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We love our domestic pets and it is not uncommon for our pets to feel like honorary members of the family. There are some unfortunate accidents that can come with owning a dog or cat and accidental urinating on the rug or carpet is just a fact of pet-owning that is sometimes hard to avoid.

Carpet cleaning can effectively clean dog and cat urine if the stains are addressed in a timely manner and with the proper equipment. Urine stains should never be scrubbed and only pet-targeted cleaners should be used to remove and neutralise the urine from the carpet fibres.

These unfortunate accidents happen from time to time, and there are so many wrong ways to go about addressing dog and cat urine on carpets. Read on to discover what to and not do when your pet companion has an accident on the carpet, and to discover how carpet cleaning works wonders for this problem.

Does Dog and Cat Wee Ruin a Carpet?

Dog and cat urine or urine of any kind contains corrosive enzymes that not only produce a foul odour but also can cause unsightly stains on the carpet if the urine isn’t cleaned in the proper way. Urine will not outright ruin a carpet, yet there are many ways in which people can accelerate this damage by panicking and attempting to clean up the mess incorrectly.

For example, immediately applying a store-bought cleaner to the urine and vigorously scrubbing the liquid will cause the chemicals of the cleaner to collide with the potent enzymes of the urine and damage the delicate fibres of the carpet. This is because the fibres are having to react to two corrosive elements at the same time.

What you will immediately want to do instead is take some paper towels or an old cloth and blot up as much of the urine as you can. Be sure to wear gloves when you attempt this step.

This step is also recommended if your pet has an accident on the furniture to try and preserve the delicate fibres of the cloth as much as you can.

Scrubbing the urine into the carpet is what can ruin the carpet in this situation.

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Why Is Carpet Cleaning Recommended for Pet Wee?

We have already discussed how attempting to remove pet urine from a carpet is generally a bad idea, so what is the best way to address urine on the carpet?

Carpet cleaning is always the best course of action to consider since the powerful equipment and steam cleaning technology can address not only the odour but also the potential stain left behind from pet urine.

The typical course of action that many people take when a pet urinates on the carpet is to do everything they can to eliminate the odour and get rid of the urine. Store-bought cleaners are usually formulated to prioritise pleasant scents over deep-cleaning action, which is going to make the smell much, much worse when trying to clean urine.

Perfumes and scents will be canceled out by the overwhelming smell of the urine or worse, will mix with the urine to produce a smell that is usually incredibly worse than the urine alone! The only true way you are going to get rid of this smell is to completely wash away the compounds that are causing the smell in the first place.

If the remnants of urine are allowed to dry into the carpet, professional carpet cleaning can then effectively wash away the remnants completely from the carpet. It is still important to soak up as much of the urine as you can though.

Steam cleaning uses a method of hot water extraction of incredibly high temperatures that will clean, thoroughly sanitise the area, and completely neutralise any lingering odour left over from the spot.

The trick to cleaning up urine is not to fight smell with perfumes and scents but to clean the urine up completely and then sanitise the area to return the rug or carpet back to its previous condition.

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