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Domestic and Commercial Carpet Deodorising

If you have invested a lot of time and money into choosing the correct colours, texture and look of your carpets you really should invest just as much time protecting and maintaining the look of them!

The only way to really have your carpets in tip top shape is by having them cleaned and deodorised regularly. While the carpet may not indicate it is dirty, you can bet that a lot of dirt and grime lies deep within.

What are the benefits of Carpet Deodorising?

You may or may not have heard of deodorising before? Think of it as a deodorant for you carpets, deodorising is great if you have the likes of children or animals in your house from food smells, urine smells and anything in between.

A long term solution to your carpet smell

Carpet deodorising isn’t just a cover up for a short term fix, it’s more of a long fix. The service does this by chemically bonding with the odour molecules and permanently changes its structure while eliminating the carpet odour.

EasyClean will make your carpets smell as good as they look

If you want your carpets to smell as good as they look then you should consider adding carpet deodorising with all of your carpet cleans. Let EasyClean Solutions take control and freshen up your carpets. To book your clean complete our contact form here and we will be sure to respond to you as soon as we can.

Carpet Deodorising FAQs

Yes, we can. We have a wide range of safe chemicals available to remove the smell of dog.
Carpet Deodorising usually lasts around 6 months before the scent disappears.
Your carpets are left slightly damp so they are usable instantly. If you don’t want to use them until they are dry then roughly around 1-2 hours.
We have to clean the carpet before we deodorise it so around 1 hour per room.
Yes however we don’t charge full price for the carpet clean.
Our machine removes all the little parts left behind from a standard hoover if you can pre hoover to remove just the bigger bits.
Definitely! Any service EasyClean offers will extensively improve the life of your carpets/upholstery.

Yes, we give 10% off to every customer who recommends us! Please like and share our Facebook page!

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