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Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Explained

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Hot water extraction cleaning is one of the features of professional carpet cleaning that makes the industry stand out. This process goes far beyond what traditional carpet cleaning with rented equipment can provide. Carpets and upholstery are not only deeply cleaned and sanitised with hot water extraction cleaning, but the fabrics are also restored and left looking like new.

But what is hot water extraction carpet cleaning?

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is a process that uses hot water and detergent with high pressure to clean carpets. The process is generally more effective than standard steam cleaning as the hot temperature of the water combined with the detergent and pressure penetrates deep into carpet fibres.

In this guide, we will take a look at this process to provide you all the important details. There are some common misconceptions between hot water extraction cleaning and steam cleaning that we will also explore.

Read on to discover how this process can benefit your carpets.

A Closer Look at Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is a rather recent concept in professional carpet cleaning. For years, steam cleaning was always the preferred method for using high temperatures to clean and sterilise carpet fibres.

Steam cleaning became so popular that it also began to be used for upholstery cleaning and other cleaning methods in general. You have probably already heard how steam cleaning is the best method for removing stubborn stains, and this is still very true.

But when it comes to the ultimate cleaning experience for carpets and other surface cleaning solutions, hot water extraction is one of the new arsenals in professional carpet cleaning.

Here’s how the process works:

How water extraction can best be understood as a thorough cleaning; a bit like a tidal wave crashing against a surface. The force of the water through internal pressure creates a powerful amount of fraction against stubborn dirt particles and grime that collects on the surface of carpets.

This helps to remove a top layer of dirt that rests on a carpet and resists the suction of a vacuum. When you add hot water to the mix, the surface dirt is loosened considerably, therefore making it easily sucked up.

For the deeply embedded dirt and grime in the carpet fibres and the settled dirt at the bottom of the carpet, the power of the pressure and the chemicals in the detergent break this dirt down and make it easier to be picked up by the equipment’s vacuum.

The equipment used for hot water extraction cleaning is high-powered and professional-level equipment. Strong equipment is needed for this process to yield the results that make hot water extraction much more effective than standard carpet cleaning.

cleaning carpets using hot water extraction
Jordan from Easy Clean using a custom built, powerful, hot water extraction carpet cleaner.

Is Hot Water Extraction the Same as Steam Cleaning?

As previously mentioned, hot water extraction cleaning is much more different from what steam cleaning does. Many people are confused between hot water extraction and steam cleaning. Hot water extraction does emit steam due to the temperature of the water and the pressure it’s being run at.

Steam cleaning solely uses its steam to dislodge any stubborn stains but doesn’t remove any odours. Whilst hot water extraction uses a chemical agent to remove the stains as well as leaving behind a pleasant smell. It can be said that steam cleaning is slightly more eco friendly when compared to the cleaning products used in hot water extraction.

But with the proper use of an eco-friendly cleaning solution, hot water extraction can also be environmentally-friendly. In terms of overall cleanliness, we have found that hot water extraction wins every time.

It doesn’t quite do as great of a job as steam in terms of stains, yet this can easily be remedied with the application of a powerful stain remover to spots before the cleaning process. Stain cleaning and removal are typically provided by cleaning services, to begin with. Therefore, it is not crucial that stain removal must be addressed solely with steam cleaning.

As long as professionals use an industrial-grade stain removal product in conjunction with hot water extraction, steam cleaning is not a required cleaning solution.

Which Carpet Cleaning Method Is Best?

Hot water extraction can only receive proper application protocols if used by professionals who have the proper equipment. Using the hot water extraction method requires machines that have the required amounts of pressure to administer the hot water and detergent at high speeds.

This is why professional carpet cleaning is so much better than a DIY method. There is nothing wrong with wanting to try out carpet cleaning with your very own unit or, even to rent a unit to clean your carpets yourself. The bottom line is that DIY carpet cleaning just isn’t as effective for keeping your carpets clean in the long run.

Not enough pressure can mean that you not cleaning deep enough into the pile and leaving behind a load of dirt and bacteria, which again will spread throughout your house and more than likely cause more problems. You will end up cleaning them 3-4 times a year as supposed to needing the carpet cleaned the typical twice per year.

Not enough suction power can mean your carpets can often stay damp for long periods, especially in comparison to the use of professional equipment. This can cause your carpets or upholstery to become a home for bacteria by having a warm and damp area, which can further leave your home open to having mold spread underneath your carpets which could lead to health problems.

Hot water extraction can remedy all of these concerns in just one session. Additionally, this process, in conjunction with a professional-grade cleaning agent, can extract so much dirt and discoloration in the carpet fibres that you will be amazed at how the fibres look just as it was when you first purchased the carpet.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine hire
You can hire Jordan and his hot water extraction machine for your carpets and upholstery. This machine is capable of upto 900 PSI and will remove stubborn stains.

Do Carpet Cleaners Need Hot Water?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, powerful stripping elements are needed to remove stains and odour. Hot water and hot temperatures, in general, have a particular way of causing immediate reactions when applied to organic matter, which is essentially what dirt and stains are.

The same applies to washing dishes, even certain types of clothes; the hotter the water, the better. The hot water is enough to sanitize virtually any type of material as germs cannot survive the hot temps. When you combine hot temperatures with both pressure and a cleaning agent, you are then able to provide a deep clean to the carpet cleaning method.

A powerful vacuum is simply not enough for carpet cleaning, therefore, using hot water and high pressure is recommended at least twice per year to complement the work of your vacuum. The hot water can strip away the grime that has built-up over time and can help to restore your carpet to its original luster in no time at all.

Hot water has a very powerful loosening effect when it comes to dirt and other particles. By using high pressure along with hot water and detergent, the process creates an easy means for the vacuum hose to pull out all of the dirt, leaving your carpet fresh and sanitised afterward.


Q: Is hot water extraction good for carpet?

Hot water extraction is good for carpets because it can remove years of stain and germ accumulation in one brief cleaning session. Often times, standard carpet cleaning or steam cleaning does not address the deeply-ingrained dirt and grime that can settle on the bottom layer of a carpet. Hot water extraction does not damage carpet fibres because it only uses hot water, pressure, and cleaner to leave your carpet looking its absolute best.

Q: Is it worth getting my carpets professionally cleaned?

By hiring a professional, you are ensuring that your carpets are going to receive state-of-the-art cleaning techniques and quality cleaning solutions with thorough drying. DIY carpet cleaning almost always leaves out the crucial drying techniques that can help prevent the growth of mold or mildew.

Think of your carpets as a filter; carpets trap a lot of bacteria, dust, pollen, and a range of other nasty things that are in the air. One of the most common things found in carpets is dust mites, which can have a detrimental effect on those who suffer from Asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Q: Can hot water extraction remove cigarette stains and odours?

One great way to remove the smell of cigarette smoke from carpets that avoids a heavy reliance on chemicals is hot water extraction. This process uses powerful pressure and hot water to extract dirt and grime and sanitise a carpet at the same time.

Since effective carpet cleaning needs powerful equipment to work properly, you will likely not get good results if you use standard, DIY carpet cleaning. The stronger the equipment and the higher the temperature, the better the results will be when it comes to removing lingering odors such as cigarette smoke.

For overall better results, carpet cleaning with mild chemicals may be the best bet if you are strictly fighting against the smell of cigarette smoke as opposed to stains. Chemicals can help to mask smells while also providing a deep clean to the fibers of the carpet.


Our mission at Easy Clean Solutions is to provide the South with superior and friendly customer service backed by a commitment to excellence in our field with affordable rates less than the local industry standard. Let our team of professionals help give your carpets the extra attention that hot water extraction cleaning can provide.

We have an entire team of trained, hot water extraction professionals on stand by to administer this highly effective procedure to your carpets and even applicable upholstery. We stand by this process and will work hard to ensure that we can address the problem in one hot water extraction cleaning session.

Contact us today to talk to a service professional to get your carpet back to its original state and to let us show you how dedicated we are to handling all of your carpet and furniture cleaning needs.

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