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Cleaning A Mixed Martial Art Gym.

Often or not you’ll see in your local gym cleaners entering and leaving in the evenings to help maintain the cleanliness of the building. A lot of gyms and specifically self defence classes miss the most important part of a gym being the flooring and simply give this a quick wipe down often missing lots of bacteria. We all know gyms often have a reputation for being a bit smelly let’s be honest if it wasn’t then your just not working hard enough! EasyClean are able to show different types of gyms the extent of bacteria, we do this by placing UV lighting in the building highlighting where the bacteria is. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, Karate classes, Mixed Martial Arts classes are all a form of close contact self defence classes. More often or not theses types of low impact fighting requires you to remove your shoes and socks as the fighting styles typically tend to end up on the ground. As you can imagine having a gym filled with 30+ students at a time that’s a lot of grubby toes, partnered with sweat, saliva. The mats that are used for these sports are one of the most important fundamentals, because of this maintenance is required every 3 months to keep on top of the mats cleanliness. With these sports comes multiple types of viruses, germs and all types of skin diseases if cleaning is not maintained correctly some of these can include; Ringworms, Impetigo, Herpes, Warts EasyClean is able to offer an all round solution to maintain the cleanliness of mixed martial art mats. We currently work closely with a few clubs in the Gosport area our main one being OneDojo which teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Near Me, Boxing and Karate. So what are BJJ Mats? Most of the BJJ mats you’ll see are made with the same form of material. This material being high impact foam commonly known as (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) this is a type of foam with elastic properties inside which is made to feel like rubber although there’s no rubber components inside. This gives the mats it’s bounce, and gives a soft landing for these types of fighting styles. They’re also waterproof which is great for us when it comes to cleaning as we can clean the surface and not penetrate beneath this causing possible damage. The reason why we dived into what types of mats a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym uses is because this plays a fundamental part in how the germs can be spread and how long the germs can survive. When we look back at what happened in 2019-2022 with covid-19 we learnt that a virus would be able to sustain life greater on one surface then another. The longer a virus can live without being cleaned the greater that virus can multiply and spread. What can you do as an instructor. As a self defence training gym, there’s lots you can do to keep your students safe and clean. Vacuuming As you probably guessed a very straightforward way to start keeping your gym in shape! We personally recommend to vacuum in between classes and 1-2-1 fitness training. We obviously know here at EasyClean this isn’t always an option as classes can be very full on and time isn’t always something you have a lot of. During training everybody who steps on the mats will leave something behind, skin cells, pieces of nails and sweat. Removing these from the mat at the end of the session is an important step in maintaining the cleanliness of your mats and the condition of your mats helping them last longer saving you money in the long run. Hot water Extraction Another step would be using a carpet cleaning company near me to use a professional machine to extract the dirt. Forget the complex name hot water extraction is just the use of hot water at high temperature with a disinfectant to loosen the soiling on the mats and suck it back up this method is often the best method for cleaning mats and often the quickest to do. Whilst being the quickest to clean it’s also the quickest to dry meaning you can get back to what you do best self defence classes.

Cleaning A Mixed Martial Art Gym.

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